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One-to-One Mentoring:
This program aims to connect young people by matching them on a one-to-one basis with a carefully screened and trained adult mentor with the expectation that they will meet regularly for a minimum of 12 months in order to attain positive youth development outcomes. However experience suggests that these matches become fully fledged and genuine friendships that last well after their involvement with our mentoring program.

Many of the young people who are referred to us suffer from a range of psycho-social challenges, like being socially isolated, witnessing domestic violence, adopting risky or negative behaviours, having low self-esteem or depression, and limited opportunities to experience what many of us would consider a ‘normal’ life.

Mentoring In The Hood (MITH):
Mentoring in the Hood involves the development of a long-term friendship between an adult mentor and two to three young people within a group setting. An activity or project is chosen for each school term that will engage the participants and keep them interested. Though the activity may be the initial drawcard, the program’s focus is on the mentoring relationship between the volunteer and young people and the long-term friendship that can develop as a result of their interaction. The program runs for 1-1.5 hours per week utilising a specific medium such as fitness, dance, performing arts or the like and can often be supplemented with additional capacity-building workshops on issues of relevance driven by the young people involved.

Though the medium may often be the initial drawcard for the young people involved, the program’s focus is on providing a positive role model during a tumultuous time in a young person’s life, often a long-term friendship that can be formed as a result of their interaction. This program is well-suited to young people aged 12-17, and who will benefit from an adult mentor combined with peer support.

Generally this program is delivered as a gender specific group, although in a school setting there may be a mixed gender group.

We seek Mentors that have a skill that is transferrable to a group setting in a particular field i.e. Personal Traine., and who also like the idea of mentoring within a team environment.

First Friends:
Developed as a one-off activity day to engage young people on the waiting list, as well as be able to observe potential volunteers as they are matched to a young person for a day.
First Friends can act as a platform to introduce volunteers to mentoring, and also enable Coordinators the opportunity to assess the suitability of a cohort of young people, at the same time.

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